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Marshall has been in Kid’s Ministry for 38 years (1981-2019) with his buddy, Charlie the Monkey.  Over the years they’ve made a few CD’s and we’ve created some other ministry products that we want to share with you.

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The very first project,
“Monkey Business”

Features the songs:
• “You Better Get Away From Me, Devil, I’m God’s Property”
• “The Wal-Mart Song”
• “Charlie’s Love Song” and more…
• Along with classic Charlie, Marshall & Nathan skits


Our second project,
“I’m A Believer”
Features the songs:
• “I’m A Believer”
• “New Wine”
• “Jesus Can Heal Your Achey, Breaky Heart”
• And more!  No skits on this CD, songs only.

Our third project,
“The Friendship Company”
Features the songs:
• “His Love is Like A River”
• “Can He, Could He,
Would He, Did He”
• “Walkin’, Talkin’ Testimony”
• And more!

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