Activate the seeds of promise spoken over the islands of the world that have laid dormant

Release and decree the prophetic promises for revival in the islands of the world

Implement those prophetic words through worship and intercession and on sight prayer and staking (reclaiming territory for
the kingdom of God)



Be actively involved in the Second Great
Awakening that is coming to the islands of Hawaii, especially in reaching the indigenous Hawaiian people (the first nation people). We believe this will began on the island of Ni’ihau, then the island of Kauai, and spread through the rest of the islands which make up the Hawaiian island chain.

We are called to reach the islands of the Pacific Rim and Asia.

Hawaii is centrally located in the Pacific and from there the prophesied revival will sweep out and impact the islands there and all of Asia. We are humbled to be called to be a part of ground zero for missions and revival in the Pacific.

God has opened doors of ministry for us in Japan, Philippines, American Samoa and India.

We are called to the orphaned (physically and spiritually) of the world, to lead others into the deep places of worship and relationship with the Father, and to train up and ignite children with a fiery passion for God and His word.