Prophecy Fulfilled, Prayer Answered, Assignment Complete

September 7, 2020 we had a prophecy fulfilled, prayer answered and completed an assignment.  After 4 years of seeking God for the right timing, we were able to visit the “forbidden island” of Ni’ihau (nee-e-how) to complete our prayer assignment for the islands of Kaua’i and Ni’ihau.  When we mad our first prayer focus trip to Kaua’i in 2016, we knew that one day we needed to go pray over the island of Ni’ihau and stake the ground as we were doing and have done since our arrival to Hawai’i.  As we visited with our  then new friends, Pastor Vill and Grace Galiza, Pastor Vill prophesied over us that we would indeed be going to pray on Ni’ihau.

When we came to Kaua’i for our second prayer focus trip, Ni’ihau was one of our prayer locations, but the finances were not there for us to visit the island the way we would have to do so.  We were confident that, in God’s timing, the finances would come and we would be able to complete our assignment.  We did, however, on the 2017 trip pray FOR Ni’ihau from a location with a fantastic view of the island.  But we knew one day we would step foot on the forbidden island.

In early June this year (2020) as we were praying, we felt confident that we would be going to Ni’ihau.  In early August, in a matter of TWO DAYS, God supplied the finances we would need to take the helicopter tour we needed to get to the island.  We called and set the date, and Monday, September 7th, Labor Day, we flew to Ni’ihau and was able to spend half the day there to pray over the island and thus complete our Prayer Assignment for Kaua’i.  Praise God.

With taking the Ni’ihau Helicopter Tour we had certain things we could and could not do once we were no longer on the island.  We could not post any pictures on social media, nor could we take any video while on the island.  We have complied with their regulations.  Please note they did not say we could not post pictures here on our website.  The gallery of pictures to follow is from our time on the beautiful forbidden island of Ni’ihau.

Video Recap of our Prayer Assignment

Ni'ihau Gallery