Aloha from Kaua’i!

Wow!  It has been an eventful year since the last newsletter in May.  In the last letter we were about to make our first Prayer Trip to Hawaii Island, also known as the Big Island.  We made that trip, it was incredible.  Full information about that trip is found on our website, along with pictures from around Big Island.  We made new friends while there and have kept in touch with them since returning home to Kauai.


At the time or writing this newsletter we had plans to be in the midst of Phase 2 of our Big Island Prayer Assignment, but the dreaded “C” word and the fear that accompanies reared its ugly head again via new travel requirements.  So, we are still here on Kauai for the time being.

Let me catch you up on events since our last prayer trip.

June 23, we made a trip to Las Vegas for a Marriage Conference at our Reflame Church there.  The conference was wonderful.  The culmination of the event was a Renewal of Vows on the Saturday night of the conference.  My mom, sister and niece, flew in from Oklahoma to spend some time with us after the conference before we came back home.  Long story short, they fly in on Saturday (for the renewal of vows) my mom winds up in the hospital for observation after passing out in the lobby of our hotel.  We miss the renewal celebration.  She was released Sunday evening.

June 27, As per travel requirements for Hawaii mainland to Hawaii travelers must do a pre-travel covid test.  Fine, been dealing with that for almost 2 years now.  We tested on Sunday, Monday we had the results. Tracy tested negative.  Me, I tested positive.  I take a second test.  Positive.  We are supposed to fly home on July 1st.  I get a call from the Kauai Health Department telling me they can not allow me to fly as I may pass on the virus to fellow passengers.  Fine.  We must isolate ourselves for 10 days.  Upon informing the hotel, they move us to a little used wing for the duration of our confinement.

July 8, the 10 days are up, we’re supposed to fly home again and we both are taken to the hospital with pneumonia, complications of covid.  We are both admitted and placed into ICU under “covid” status.  A whirlwind of treatments, meds, and other stuff and seven days later I am finally released from the hospital.  Tracy sill in ICU, mainly because of a shortage of rooms.

July 14, I am released and am now in a motel.  It will not be until July 18 that Tracy is finally released.  We stay in the motel until July 22, when, finally, we get to come home to Kauai.  So, we are almost a month to the day from when we left until our return.

While in the hospital, God put on Tracy’s heart to ask our friends, pastors and intercessors, for scriptures, words of encouragement, and prayers they had been praying over us.  Bible verses began to pour in, most about having “no fear” in the beginning.  Fear was never an issue with us through this whole ordeal.  We both had peace and knew God was taking care of us and was going to use this for His glory.  God showed Tracy that what He was sending us was to be put into a book of prayers and scriptures for healing.  God also began giving Tracy some prophetic insight about what we were going through.

Fast forward, we have been home for two months now and Tracy has been working on the book.  There are other books in the works that, once complete we will notify everyone about.

Tracy is pretty much recovered, I am still on the mend, but getting stronger each day.  Praise God!  We both lost weight and I lost some strength in my legs, also.  I am now able to walk without the use of a cane or needing a motorized card while shopping.

Future Plans

We are still planning for our second prayer trip to Big Island, at this point we don’t know when that will be.  At this point we know it will be after the first of the year.  We will keep you posted.

Once the book is published we will send out notification to everyone, as well as the other books that are in the works right now.

A Little Sad News

The building we believed God was giving us in Kapa’a, the one we shared our vision for at the beginning of this year, was torn down while we were on our prayer assignment to Big Island in May.  We are still questioning God about that.  I know the dream He gave me was a “God dream” as the ones I have had in the past have come to pass.  Keep us in prayer.  We are still believing for a building of our own and know we will have it.  Still waiting on His timing.


Online Store

On our website we have a “store” page.  We are in the process of posting some of our Lion’s Roar products there as well as different products you can purchase from Amazon through us, as we are Amazon Affiliates.  The way it works, if you click on a product on our website that takes you to Amazon, Lion’s Roar Ministries Kaua’I will receive a small commission on your total purchase.  This counts even if you don’t buy the product you initially clicked on.  Another way God has opened for us to have income for our ministry.

Visit our Online Store


We are still looking for ministry partners, one-time gift or monthly partner.  Any gift will help us accomplish our assignment here in Hawaii.  Prayerfully consider partnering with us.

Even in the midst of everything, God has taken care of us.  He has been so faithful.

Mahalo for all your love, prayers and support for Lion’s Roar Ministries Kaua’i.

Rejoice evermore,

Marshall & Tracy Michael