Aloha from Kaua’I, Hawai’i.

Warmest greetings from the Garden Isle as we wrap up another year in ministry.  2020 has been a crazy year for a lot of reasons but through it all God has shown Himself faithful.  Lockdowns, breakdowns and smackdowns seem to be the theme of the year.  Our eyes have truly been opened to things happening around us.  You would think that in the midst of lockdowns and quarantines, travel restrictions and state shutdowns that we wouldn’t be very busy.  But, no, we have been busier this year than before.

As many of you know we were working part time at Costco to help pay the bills.  When the pandemic hit our jobs were deemed unnecessary and we were laid off.  But still God was faithful.  We thought we would have time to focus on our crafting business, M &  T’s Emporium, but ministry came to the forefront and we have had little activity on the business front.

Our church, Reflame Ministries Kaua’I, has a weekly television program on our local community station and Marshall became the producer, director, photographer, and editor for the 30 minute program.  In September our Pastor, led of the Lord, started taking a team to visit 10 churches on the island with whom we have fellowship.  She asked Marshall to take care of our church in effect making him associate pastor for the 10 weeks.  The churches the team visited were blessed and our church as well.  In the midst of the 10 weeks, God gave Marshall a sermon series on Psalm 23 which, at the writing of this newsletter, there is still one more message on Psalm 23:6 to complete the 6-part series.

So needless to say we have not been idle with our time.  The following will give you a look at the ministry we have been involved in and with during 2020.

January 17… Tracy and Marshall were ordained as Evangelists with Reflame Ministries International out of Oahu.  What an honor.  As you know we are currently serving as Worship Leaders in our home church, Reflame Ministries Kaua’i.  Marshall’s parents, Betty & Ron, made their first trip to Hawai’I to help celebrate the ordination.

January 25… Charlie and the family helped Pastor Alice celebrate her 90th birthday.

January 26… Reflame Ministries Kaua’I celebrated it’s Frist Anniversary.

March 7… Marshall was one of the prayer presenters at the Ni’ihau-Kaua’I Prayer Luncheon.  Over 2000 people from across the island and state were in attendance.  Our speaker was Pastor Greg Laurie.

May 25-29… Kaua’i Prayer Blitz.  God directed us to return to all of the prayer locations here on Kaua’i.  We prayed over all 26 locations again in five days.  Boy, sure put a lot of miles on the van that trip.

June 14-17… In preparation for our second prayer trip to Maui and seeking direction for Ni’ihau Prayer assignment, we took a Prayer Retreat to Koke’e State Park up on the mountain near Waimea Canyon.

June 27… Our Reflame Men’s Ministry was blessed with a deep sea fishing trip for Father’s Day.

June 28… Reflame Ministries Kaua’I had our first outreach in the community of Anahola, on the East side of Kaua’i.  The outreach was held at Pastor Cathy’s house and several other churches and community leaders were involved.


July 10-12… Tracy and a group of Ladies from Reflame Kaua’I traveled to Oahu, travel restrictions being lifted, for a Women’s Conference at our Founding Church, Reflame Ministries International in Ewa Beach.

July 21-30… We made our second Prayer Trip to the island of Maui.  We prayed over 12 locations across the island.  This was all God’s timing as travel restrictions were reinstated just a few days after our return.

August 2…  We had our first baptism of a young man who is now doing a weekly Bible study at his home every Monday night in Waimea.  He also is live on Facebook with daily Bible reading and prayer.

Also in August, Tracy was invited to minister live on Facebook with Boots Camp Women’s Ministry here on Kaua’i.

September 5… We were honored to be part of the team who prayed over and blessed some homes as well as an outreach to the community.


September 7… Labor Day 2020, prophecy was fulfilled as we made our trip to the Forbidden Island of Ni’ihau to complete our Kaua’I prayer assignment.  It took four year, but we were confident that when it was the right time for us to go, God would supply the necessary finances, and in two days in August God did just that.  Our helicopter flight was paid for and we were able to visit Ni’ihau and pray over the island.


September 12… Tracy was honored to be one of the speakers for Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ministry.  We are the project managers for our church.

September 26… We led worship and intercession for an online prayer event sponsored by Boots Camp Ministries.

September/October… Marshall taught a series on his Jewish heritage during the “High Holy Days,” Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles).  Complete with a meal for Sukkot with 25 people in attendance and broadcasting live on Facebook.

October… Pastor Cathy and her team traveled to 10 churches.  Marshall preaching at Reflame Kaua’i.

October 23-25… Tracy, along with Penny Ornellas, hosted a women’s conference called “Crowns of Glory Encounter”  There were about 40 women from across Kauai and Oahu in attendance.

November 15… We baptized 5 people, 4 from one family.  Praise God!

November 26… Thanksgiving… We helped Pastor Cathy feed 20 homeless a Thanksgiving meal.  As these were not in the designated areas they had to be sought out.  Literally going into the highways and hedges to feed the people.  We also gave Bibles and prayed with many of them.

November 29… We had another homeless outreach, this time in Lucy Wright Park in Waimea, one of the designated safe zones for the homeless during this pandemic.  We took food, clothing, blankets and books for anyone in need.  Brother Abraham gave a short message and Pastor John Small led worship.

In addition to all the “special events” we have done we are also involved with:

Worship on Sundays
Worship & Intercession each 2nd Thursday night
Bible Studies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Men’s Fellowship/Bible Study on Saturdays
Producing and editing our weekly television program.

And the year is not over.  We are in the process of recording a Christmas Television Special for the week of Christmas.

So, as you can see, we have not been idle during this pandemic.  It has been a busy year for every ministry we are involved with.

Before we wind up, we want to share a vision with you.  We’ve been praying over this for over two years and we feel it is time to do some vision casting.  Back in March 2018, while on our first prayer assignment to Oahu, God gave Marshall a dream about a building.  In the dream the building had been given to our ministry and we were living in an apartment on the second floor.  The lower level of the building had two storefronts.  The building was white with blue trim.  We know this was a God dream because the two other “God dreams” Marshall has had have come to pass.  Please watch this video to hear about the vision for the building that exists exactly as it was seen in Marshall’s dream.

A Dream and A Vision

Please be in prayer with us about this building and everything God has in store for 2021.  Because of travel restrictions we have not been able to fly to the Big Island of Hawaii for our first prayer assignment there.  When restrictions are lifted and a date set we will send out a message with all the particulars.

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much)!

God bless you this Christmas season.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our Ohana to yours!

With much Aloha,

Marshall & Tracy Michael
Lion’s Roar Ministries Kaua’i