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Our prayer is this finds you blessed of the Lord and highly favored of God.

We have set our next Hawaii Prayer Focus trip to Maui.  This will be our Maui: Phase 2.

Our flights are booked and we are preparing to leave.  We will be on Maui July 21 to 30 for this Phase 2 of our Maui Prayer Focus.  God has blessed us and we have all our accommodations, transportation and flights taken care of, thank you, Lord!

Praying Over Twelve Locations

This Phase 2 trip is where we pray over 12 locations and impart the different annointings of the 12 tribes of Israel.  We have our locations, but we are still seeking the Lord for the focus, scripture and tribe for each location.

Since timing is so short for this trip we are posting this to let you know of the locations we will be praying over with a brief description of each.  Please keep in mind these locations are not chosen at random nor are they frivolously chosen.  We don’t just look at a map and say “we need to go there.”  There has been months of prayer and research that has gone into the choosing of these locations.  When you read the brief descriptions you will be able to understand why.  We do not take our calling lightly nor in jest.  We are on assignment from the Most High God and will carry out His purpose and plan to the best of our ability.  Most don’t understand what we do,  and we have been subject to ridicule and mocking, but that has not deterred us.

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Here are the locations for Hawaii Prayer Focus Maui: Phase 2.

Grouped by region.


  • Pu’u Ke Ka’a Pohaku Stone… believed to be the jumping off point for souls to the afterlife.
  • Moku’ula… the forgotten island of the Ali’I (chiefs), known as “Piko” or the center of the island.
  • Olowalu… Place of refuge with petroglyphs and the site of the 1790 massacre.
  • Kahakuloa Church… built in 1888
  • Makaluapuna Point… ancient burial ground with “dragon’s teeth” rock formations.


  • Waianapanapa State Park… lava tube cave
  • The birthplace of Queen Ka’ahumanu.
  • Nu’u Landing/Kaupo-Nu’u Refuge… place of refuge with petroglyphs.
  • Keanae… site of at least 7 destroyed heiaus (temples) and Kanae Congregational Church.


  • Malo Kiolani Church… site of the first European’s landing on Maui.


  • Keone’oio Fishing Village… heiau and shrine to the “shark god”.


  • Sacred gardens of Maliko… shrine and temple dedicated to multiple religions.

As you can see we will be busy praying over these 12 locations around the island of Maui.

As soon as we can get the remainder of the information finalized, we will post an update with dates for each location as well as prayer focus, scripture, and tribe of Israel for each.  Our phase 1 prayer trips are for the reconciling of the land and people back to God with the phase 2 trips focusing on reconciling the government back to God.

We will be posting information as it becomes available.  There is information on our website you can download to begin praying with us.
Praying With the Prophecies Prayer

We still have financial needs for this trip, so if you would like to partner with us you may do so securely online through our website or by mail.

**Ni’ihau Update**  At this writing plans are in motion for us to visit the island of Ni’ihau, the forbidden island, in August.  More information as it becomes available.

**Prayer Focus Big Island (Hawaii) Phase 1**  We have our dates for our Phase 1 trip to the Big Island, the island of Hawaii for September 21-28.  More information as it becomes available.


Mahalo (thank you) for all your prayers, love and support.

Rejoice Evermore,

Marshall & Tracy Michael
Lion’s Roar Ministries