Aloha from Kauai!

Wow, what an eventful year!!  When God speaks, and you follow His call it is truly an adventure.

We want to say a big MAHALO NUI LOA (Thank you very much) to all those who have been our support this past year.  You are a blessing far beyond words and you have a part in everything that has happened, you are partakers in the blessings, healings and salvations this past year.  Looking forward to more in the coming 2019.

Sometimes it’s easy, when you’re in the thick of things, to think you’re not doing much.  But when it’s all put down on paper, you realize just how busy you’ve been.  I know some have been following us on Facebook as we post from week to week and day to day.  For those who are not following us on social media, we invite you to follow us by clicking the link below.

We want to share with you our month-to-month breakdown of the ministry opportunities with which we have been involved.  We started helping with the Homeless Outreach in February which is every Thursday evening, so other than special occasions with the outreach I won’t list every week.  So… here goes…

January 31st…  Arrived in Kauai


  • February 22nd, Our first Homeless Outreach
  • February 23rd, Food Pantry at Aloha Church


  • March 5th… Intercession Team for Healing Service
  • March 3rd… Mayor’s Prayer Luncheon
  • March 3rd… Movie Night with Aloha Church Youth
  • March 15th… Worship for Homeless Outreach
  • March 23rd… Ministered at Aloha Church Bilingual Service
  • March 25th… Kid’s Service at Aloha Church


  • April 1st… Resurrection Sunday
    • Worship for Sunrise Service
    • Worship for Morning Service at Aloha Church
  • April 9th… Intercession Team & Worship for Healing Service
  • April 12th… Morning Prayer Meeting with Mayor
  • April 12th… Homeless Outreach
  • April 20th… Worship for Homeless Outreach
  • April 22nd… Preach at Aloha Church Westside-Ele’Ele
  • April 28-30… Hawaii Prayer Focus Oahu


  • May 1-2… Hawaii Prayer Focus Oahu
  • May 8th… Worship for Healing Service
  • May 13th… Kid’s Church at Aloha Church
  • May 14th… Morning Prayer Meeting with Mayor
  • May 14th… North Shore Relief Aid- Delivered items to Kauai Food Bank for distribution
  • May 15th… Prayer Meeting with Pastors at Wai’oli Church in Hanalei (North Shore)
  • May 19th… Unload relief aid from Samaritan’s Purse (Billy Graham Ministries) at Aloha Church


  • June 14th… Morning Prayer Meeting with Mayor
  • June 28th… Worship at Homeless Outreach
  • June 29th… Moved into new apartment


  • July 1st… Worship at New Home Church in Kapa’a
  • July 8th… Worship at New Home Church in Kapa’a
  • July 10th… Morning Prayer Meeting with Mayor
  • July 19th… Kidsplosion with Aloha Youth at Homeless Outreach

On a personal note: July 5th we started working at Costco in Lihue.


  • August 11th… Ministered at Messianic Jewish Church
  • August 15th… Worship at Home Church in Kapa’a
  • Several nights of services, worship & ministry with Evangels Paul Geronimo for Philippines


  • September 6th… Worship at Homeless Outreach
  • September 15th… JESUS REIGNS RALLY
  • September 13th & 20th… In charge of Homeless Outreach
  • September 16th… Worship for Aloha Church Westside, Ele’Ele
  • September 30th… Kids Church at Aloha Church, Lihue


  • We led the Homeless Outreach for October
  • October 4th… Special Appearance by Charlie the Monkey at the Homeless Outreach



  • December 8th… Volunteered to serve at Kauai Veterans Center for Christmas Luncheon
  • December 9th… Preached Aloha Church Westside, Ele’Ele
  • December 9th… Preached Lighthouse Assembly of God in Kapa’a
  • December 20thHomeless Outreach Christmas

As you can see, we have not been at the beach every day…lol

God is great!  We have seen multiple healings and people come to the Lord and be blessed by our ministry here.

This has been a year of trials and testing and of reconfirming our call to the Nation of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim.  We feel called to the “first nation” peoples of Hawaii and God is constantly bringing them across our path.  We know we are intercessors, but that isn’t our only function here.  It is amazing to me that when you tell someone you’re a missionary to Hawaii they give you a funny look.  We were even told that we weren’t really missionaries because Hawaii was not a third-world country.  We have had some turn their backs on us, been rejected and displaced, but God is still God and His callings are non-revocable!


This is who we are.  We are Missionaries to Hawaii and the Pacific Rim with multiple confirmations.  So, we are here doing what God has called us to do and using every opportunity presented us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the first nation peoples of Hawaii.



In the coming year we have open doors of ministry to Japan, Philippines and Israel.  Won’t you consider partnering with us in this coming year to help us accomplish what God has called us to do and go where He has called us to go.

Our prayer is for God to open more doors of opportunity for us and greater direction for 2019.  There are some areas of vision God has us praying over right now, that we feel will come to pass in the new year.  Right now, we are located in the South East Central part of Kauai, but we know we are called to the “Coconut Coast” the East Side of Kauai.  We are fervently praying for God’s direction and provision for this next chapter.

We are in the process of updating our website for the new year.  We are adding new features and a new look to  We will send an official mailing once everything is complete, so you can check it out.  Some is already done that you can check out, but there is more improvement to come.

Our crafting business, M & T’s Emporium, is growing.  We just received our second order for our products from Hilo Hatties, the Store of Hawaii (souvenirs).  We know for a fact that our products have been taken all over the world having been purchased at our various crafting events and through Hilo Hatties.  We are very thankful that God is using us in this area also.  Little do our visitors know that every stitch of the dolls, kitchen items, jewelry and everything else has been prayed over and they carry the anointing and seed of revival back to their home state and country.  God is good!!!

I am also a Financial Services Coach licensed for Life Insurance in Hawaii and Texas, soon to come in other states.  We also have Legal Protection, Identity Theft Protection, Auto & Home Insurance, and Home Security Systems.  I am also in the progress of studying for my Securities License.  We know that this business is a tool God has given us to support our ministry as well.  (so, should you need a review of your current policies, let me know)


I apologize for the lack of newsletter the past few months, but as you can see, we have been about the Father’s business.

May your 2019 be the best year filled with God’s purpose for your life!!  Remember, when He calls, say “Yes!”

Happy New Year!!!

Marshall & Tracy Michael
Lion’s Roar Ministries Kauai